Recently, as a concept such as IEO (initial exchange offering) appeared, the so-called Exchange tokens have appeared. For these tokens, you can participate in financing Blockchain projects through a cryptocurrency exchange. Depending on demand and the general situation on the market, these tokens can grow in price and vice versa. Since these tokens are no longer applicable anywhere, from their founders began to appear proposals to keep these tokens on the balance of users’ wallets. The remuneration for this varies in the range of 10-30% per year. From a part, it is similar to POS mining, only virtual. And it is not known what will happen to the price of the token in a long time.

CINEMADROM, in contrast, offers to invest in film projects. The price is fixed in dollars.

There is no risk of loss from failure at the box office, as Cinemadrom insures investments with its token.
You can invest in several film projects, which increases the likelihood of a successful investment.
The minimum share of participation is $ 100 for a film project.
You become not just an investor, but also a co-producer of a film with an indication of your contribution to the common cause in the credits.
You get movie rights in the amount of your investment.
You receive a part of the profit in the ratio of your investment during the whole time while you own the rights.

Once again, we repeat the question - Investments in cinema or in the Exchange token? WHAT YOU CHOOSE?


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