• TCINEMADROM sells MOVIECASH on the CINEMADROM website and cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The MOVIECASH token can be bought and sold on the Exchanges an unlimited number of times, thus earning on the difference in rates.
  • Having bought MOVIECASH for the first time on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can get additional tokens as a bonus of 20%.
  • The proceeds from the sale are spent on the production of films and series.
  • The MOVIECASH can be exchanged for movie rights or LUTOKEN with a 15% bonus.
  • The initial minimum cost of MOVIECASH is fixed at $ 0.1. This minimum value is guaranteed by film rights to films and TV shows.
  • Depending on the total volume of MOVIECASH sold, its minimum cost increases.
  • The MOVIECASH, like other cryptocurrencies, can be subject to significant volatility. Even if the value of the MOVIECASH falls below $ 0.1, its holder can exchange the MOVIECASH for movie rights at the rate of $ 0.1 and receive part of the earned profit of films and TV shows.
  • When holding the MOVIECASH, the user is paid 8% of this amount monthly, which is stored in the wallet. Remuneration is paid in MVH tokens.
  • After the exchange for movie rights or LUTOKEN, the MOVIECASH is burned.

Buy MOVIECASH and you ALWAYS be with PROFITS !!!

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