Why is a MOVIECASH burned after an exchange for a MOVIE RIGHTS?

According to the economic strategy of the CINEMADROM project, the burning of MOVIECASH is planned.

This happens at the moment when users change the MOVIECASH to a Movie Rights.
Thus, the total number of MOVIECASH decreases, and the demand for the token increases. In this case, the likelihood of growth of a MOVIECASH increases much earlier than planned according to the economic strategy.

After all a MOVIECASH tokens are bought from the market at a low cost and spent as intended, the following tokens, according to the sales plan, will already be sold at a price of $ 0.2 further on 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 10 etc.

After exchanging for a Movie Rights and a burning significant amount of the MOVIECASH token, the transition to its own blockchain and a cryptocurrency LUMIERE will be performed.

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