There are several reasons why investment in cinema is not massive.

  • High entry threshold for investment.
  • Closed business, only for the elite.
  • Risk of failure of the film at the box office.
  • Long term investment.

The CINEMADROM enables any user to invest in world cinema with a minimum amount of $ 100. This condition easily solves the number 1 and 2 reason for the general problem of world cinema.

As for points 3 and 4, this problem is solved by a unique tool – the MOVIECASH token. The MVH token itself is not something super unique. It is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that is created on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

What matters here is how the MVH token is used in the CINEMADROM ecosystem.

So. Let's figure it out.

  • The main function of MOVIECASH is to finance film projects.
  • The secondary function of MOVIECASH is a payment instrument in: 1) social video network "CINEMA +"; 2) Online game "HOLLYWOOD"; 3) In advertising campaigns and other services of the CINEMADROM Ecosystem.

How are film projects funded?

We sell exclusive rights to filmmaking. This means that the purchaser of these films has the right to become a co-producer and participate in the distribution of the profit received from the film.

How can I get the Movie Rights to a film and then receive a share of the box office?

It's simple. There are three optimal and profitable options:

You don’t have to buy Movie Rights for a specific movie project at all. You can just buy MOVIECASH, and then buy and sell MOVIECASH on the stock exchange and constantly take profit many times in a row. This is the simplest and most understandable option for any user.

This is a universal option. Thus, you can earn money before the movie comes out. You will earn by trading on the stock exchange and you will also have the opportunity to make money again by the box office the film. You can exchange a MOVIECASH for movie rights to a movie at any time using option 2.

Let’s see why the MOVIECASH will gradually increase in value?

Everything is simple here — we are constantly increasing the cost of a MOVIECASH, which we gradually sell on crypto exchanges. This process occurs according to the timeline and the schedule of the MOVIECASH volume sold by us.

How can I find out when the cost will increase?

It’s simple, on the CINEMADROM website there is a countdown that shows when the cost of a MOVIECASH will be increased.

Now in the crypto market, the trading volume of a MOVIECASH is small and MVH, it is gradually being bought up on crypto exchanges. A new volume with an increased initial price is for sale on the exchange only after the first batch of MOVIECASH is sold at an initial lower price.

So why will the price of the MOVIECASH rise? The answer is obvious.

Total released the 100 ml. MOVIECASH which are evaluateds at $ 0.1, or all $ 10 million. We already have the 4 film projects on the platform with a budget of 225 million dollars. Money is already starting to go to film projects. Therefore, in order to finance only these the 4 film projects, the price of MOVIECASH should be $ 5. And this is just the beginning.

More than a 10 film projects, which will also be funded through the MOVIECASH, are already waiting in line. When exchanging rights to a movie, a MOVIECASH burns out, there are even less tokens in circulation. Thus, stable growth of the MOVIECASH market is ensured. And the value of a MOVIECASH is growing.

Therefore, to everyone who bought MOVIECASH, advice — 🔥 DO NOT SELL TOKENS NOW. 🔥 WAIT FOR MVH GROWTH up to $ 5 (X50) !!! 🔥

Where do the proceeds from the sale of MOVIECASH go?

All proceeds from sales go in work on ongoing the film projects.

Periodically, we recalculate the real value of a MOVIECASH according to the formula. Namely, the maximum profit from sales is divided by the total volume of MOVIECASH sold.

The result is a minimum price of the MOVIECASH for exchange for film rights. This is our insurance against depreciation of the MOVIECASH, in case the exchange value is subject to a Dump, the exchange price of MOVIECASH for movie rights will remain unchanged. Now the MVH equal to $ 0.1, but this is only if the value in the market is lower than this price.

This is a unique offer in the crypto market that no one else will offer you. This is insurance for crypto users. Therefore, having bought the MOVIECASH, you only win and earn in any case.

Why can we do this?

It’s simple, because the bulk of the financing of film projects comes from investors who are not connected with the crypto market and finance the production of our film projects with ordinary fiat money. And the amount of funding for film projects in the crypto market is only 10%.

What is the MOVIECASH liquidity based on?

The liquidity algorithm is as follows — some investor wants to finance the film. He goes to the exchange and buys a MOVIECASH at the market price. Comes to us on the CINEMADROM platform and exchanges a MOVIECASH for the exclusive rights of the selected film project. The calculation is based on the market value of MOVIECASH.

  • If the value of the MOVIECASH at a given time is higher than the minimum value of MOVIECASH = $ 0.1, then the calculation is based on the market value.
  • If the market value of the MOVIECASH is below the minimum value of $ 0.1, then the calculation is performed at the guaranteed minimum cost of MOVIECASH = $ 0.1.

If such a calculation is made at this moment, then the buyer of MOVIECASH already earns, based on the difference between the market price and the minimum price of MOVIECASH.

This is how our insurance against a strong fall in the price of the MOVIECASH on the exchange, to which absolutely all a cryptocurrencies are exposed, works. And this is normal, price fluctuations must be in the market.

What happens to a MOVIECASH next?

After an exchange for movie rights, we burn the received MOVIECASH. Then the next batch of a MOVIECASH is launched on the market at an already overpriced price of $ 0.2. And so on ( $ 0.3, $ 0.4, $ 0.5 … .. $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 30 …. ) this process is repeated again and again and depends on the budget of cinema projects on the CINEMADROM platform.

The above algorithm shows us due to what processes the cost of MOVIECASH is growing and where does the market liquidity come from. This fact alone gives the cryptocurrency MOVIECASH a great advantage over many other cryptocurrencies on the market.

But these are not all the values ​​of the MOVIECASH.

As marketing events, we carry out actions with an indefinite duration.

  • For all users who buy MOVIECASH on the website CINEMADROM or the ABIT or LUKI exchanges, we pay a bonus for the first transaction in the amount of 20% of the amount of MOVIECASH purchased.
  • For all users the MOVIECASH customers who store the token in their personal wallet, we pay a bonus an additional 3% the MOVIECASH every month.


Now, to invest in a movie:

  • No need to possess huge capital and great connections.
  • No need to worry that the movie can fail at the box office.
  • No need to wait 2–3 years or more, so that your investments would return and profit.

It is enough to buy a MOVIECASH cryptocurrency for your portfolio, then wait for its value to increase and sell it back. And when you want to earn even more, you can exchange a MOVIECASH for movie rights at any time.

Therefore, to everyone who bought MOVIECASH, advice — 🔥 DO NOT SELL TOKENS NOW. 🔥 WAIT FOR MVH GROWTH up to $ 5 (X50) !!! 🔥

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