Earn BTC and ETH with the Cinemadrom.

The Cinemadrom project launched an the Affiliate Program for all project users. Now, all participants can weekly receive 5% of the income in BTC and ETH from the sales of the Cinemadrom project. To participate in the program you need to register in the Affiliate Area and get a personal link. Registration – https://cinemadrom.com/affiliate-area

You will have a personal link of the partner Cinemadrom, which you will promote and through which a interested users will come to us. We offer you for 5% of a sales revenue.

You copy posts that we will publish in the social networks Cinemadrom or create your own posts. You only need to add your affiliate link to our posts and then various posts this promotional material on your information resources (social, networks, blogs, online publications, etc.).

You no longer need to make any reports. All statistics about your the income received will be available online in your affiliate office on the Сinemadrom website. You can register as a Cinemadrom partner by the link – https://cinemadrom.com/affiliate-area

Why is the Cinemadrom platform interesting and how can any a user make money on it?

The Investment Platform

The Investment Platform has been launched, which allows users to receive stable and guaranteed an income from the growth of the price of the LUT token. The LUT token increases in price after each sale. Also a LUT can use for PoS mining and get even more an income. More details.

The Online Cinema Platform

A decentralized Online Cinema Platform is being prepared for launch, which allows a user’s to watch a movies and earn money using the PoT mining algorithm. More details.

The Exchange Trading

You can trade on exchanges using a MVH token and earn on the difference in price. The token is traded on the ABIT.com and LUKKI.io exchanges. The MVH depending on the volume of sales, gradually grows in the price. The MVH token is also designed to finance a movie projects. After exchanging the token MVH for a Movie Rights, MVH is burned which positively affects the price increase of a MVH. More details.

The Investments in Movie Projects

Investments in movie projects are open through the purchase of a Movie Rights from just $ 100. The amount of funding for a movie projects in the crypto market is only 10%, the remaining funds in a movie projects come from other sources: (movie funds, production companies, investors). We sell a users a Movie Rights for a particular movie project and issue a certificate for this amount. In the future, upon completion of the production of this film and on summary of a boxing offices, user can exchange your a certificate and make a profit. The Movie Projects Cinemadrom.

Time is money. The price of the LUT and MVH is constantly growing. Hurry to buy at a low price, be the first.

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