The Cinemadrom present DefiMovie protocol to create Money Markets.

The DefiMovie is an open source, non-custodial, decentralized protocol to create money markets. Users can receive interest on deposits and borrow assets for their own purposes.

Producers a Movie Project can obtain for movie production assets secured by a Movie Rights to their a future movie. The MovieCach (MVH) token is an analogue of the property Movie Rights.

The DefiMovie has two protocols for creating money markets.

1 DefiMovie Protocol

is Stable Crypto Token LUMIERE (LUM). The protocol operates on the basis of issuing a stable LUM token backed by users' assets. (protocol under development).

2 DefiMovie Protocol

is Various Crypto Tokens. Protocol for obtaining interest on your deposits and for asset loans. It is open source and not storage related. (fork - aave. The Protocol start in November 2020).

1 DefiMovie is Stable Crypto Token.

1 DefiMovie  protocol is Stable Crypto Token, allows users to generate LUM using collateral assets approved by a DefiMovie Governance. A DefiMovie Governance is an organized and community-driven process for managing various aspects of DefiMovie. The DefiMovie protocol will operate on different blockchains.

The first version is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create LUM currency pegged to USD.

The next versions will be built on other blockchains NEO, WAWES, EOS and will allow users to create LUM currency pegged to USD, EURO, GBR.

The LUM is a store of value an asset that retains its value without significant impairment over time. Since LUM is a stable coin, it is intended to be used as a store of value even in volatile markets and serves basic functions.

  • LUM as a medium of exchange.
  • LUM as a unit of account.
  • LUM as a deferred payment standard.
  • LUM as a collateral asset.

2 DefiMovie is Various Crypto Tokens.

2 DefiMovie Various Crypto Tokens is a decentralized protocol for earning interest on your deposits and asset loans. It is open source and non-storage related, meaning anyone has access to the code. It is an ecosystem of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, so it is completely transparent, monitored and verified by anyone.

Users can deposit assets into the DefiMovie reserve pool and earn interest on those assets (with a higher return than most Defi protocols). Users can also borrow assets from the pool, provided they have sufficient collateral. Using the DefiMovie protocol, the user can always:

  • Make a Deposit and receive interest on your deposit.
  • Borrow any crypto asset based on your deposit.
  • Receive interest on the Deposit and repay the Borrow at any time.

The Decentralized DefiMovie Protocol is run by people from all over the world who own the MVH governance token.

The MovieCach (MVH) is both a control MVH token in the DefiMovie protocol. MVH is also an analogue of the proprietary copyright for film projects of the Cinemadrom platform.

The MVH token is distributed among all DefiMovie liquidity providers. Users who participate in DefiMovie protocol operations, as well as holders who store tokens in their wallet, receive MVH daily. A total of 10 ml of MVH will be distributed over 7 years.

Together we will make decentralized finance more efficient and of better quality. Join us !!!

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