Issue of NFT tokens for movie projects Cinemadrom

The Cinemadrom NFT token is an individual digital asset for a movie project. More details of the can be found on the official website of the Cinemadrom –

Each NFT token of movie project is equal to 1 second of the movie screen time. Each second of screen time consists of 24 separate unique frames (photographs). The owner of one NFT token receives the rights to a unique 24 film frames, from which 1 second of the film is obtained. Every second of the film is provided by the budget of a specific movie project.
Each non-fungible Cinemadrom NFT token is unique and cannot be tampered with, split or subtly replaced. Such an organization is ideal in order to secure their rights for every unique second of the film, in a single copy.

By purchasing the NFT token, you acquire exclusive ownership of a portion of a specific movie, and then receive income from the rental of that film. This certificate is registered in the register of co-producers of the movie project on the website – .

NFT tokens Cinemadrom are providing the copyright control of films and film series. With the help of Cinemadrom NFT tokens tied to film projects, producers and users automatically receive the rights to watch and rent films, and streaming services can buy rights to show films and TV series in one click.

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