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Our main goal – it is to create a new, developed, and independent system of the world film industry, in which every film will pay off, and every second will bring profit to its creators and investors! To achieve this goal has been developed – PLATFORM FOR FINANCING, PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CINEMA PROJECTS – BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

How does it work?

Cinemadrom this is a combination of many people and areas of activity in one ecosystem.

  • For filmmakers this is Hollywood online.
  • For investors, these are new tools.
  • For the crypto community, this is a new blockchain technology, a new coin for mining, trading, transfers.
  • For freelancers, these are new jobs.
  • And for the audience, these are new film histories and TV shows with additional new advantages.
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What is Cinemadrom?

This is the future of world cinema.

BLOCKCHAIN technology is 


We reduce the threshold for entry into the production of cinema films to $ 100.


The opportunity for a short time, to collect the budget for the production of the film.


Transparent system of accounting, calculations and profits in the film industry.


The new effective standard of contractual relations based on Smart Contracts.


Effective insurance system for movie projects.Each project is insured. Investment ratings.


An effective blockchain system for managing the life cycle of a movie project.


Three options, the production of film project. Guaranteed distribution, for finished film.


The personal multi-currency wallet integrated into user account.


Crypto coin LUMIERE. Three algorithms of mining PoW / PoS / PoT.

Want to invest in Cinemadrom?

Join now. Cinemadrom is a folk project! Touch the future of independent cinema!

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Our Teamship

Our professional and experienced staff works for you

Igor Egoroff
Igor Egoroff

Founder, Produser, Film Director

Pavel Gubanov
Pavel Gubanov
Digital Marketing

Сo-founder, Internet marketer

Ekaterina Ulyanova
Katya Ulyanova
Сhief Еditor

Сhief Еditor, Produser, Screenwriter

Elena Egorova
Elena Egorova

Digital Designer, Screenwriter

Alexander Sivak
Alexander Sivak

Produser, Film Director, Еditor

Svetlana Valucheva
Sveta Valucheva

Еditor, Screenwriter, Produser

Charmaine Maravilla
Charmaine Maravilla
Community Manager

Community Manager, Marketing

Yury Dziatlau
Yury Dziatlau
Bounty Manager

Bounty Manager, Blockchain

Our Advisors

Hamza Khan 1
Hamza Khan

Advisor, Blockchain Expert, ICObench Experts

Vladimir Alenikov
Vladimir Alenikov

Advisor, Produser, Film Director

Nikolay Lebedev
Nikolay Lebedev

Advisor, Film Director, Produser


Buy LUT - Pre Sale 1

To buy a LUT token, fill in your details for the of Pre Sales 1.

  • Specify the number of tokens that you buy.
  • The calculated price of the token is equivalent to $ 1.
  • You can pay for the purchase BTC or ETH.
  • Minimum purchase in the pre sales round 300 LUT.
  • When buying a valid bonus - 35%.

After receiving the data from you, Cinemadrom sales department will send you a link to purchase tokens. Thank.

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