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1)We understand how advertising is annoying, and takes the viewer's time. It will be fair if the time spent on viewing the advertisement will be paid. 

2)We are confident that such a submission of advertising is more effective for the perception of information, and this has a positive effect for the advertiser. 

3)For viewing advertising, the viewer receives a cryptocurrency that he can spend on ecosystem services Cinemadrom. For example, pay a monthly subscription to the Streaming service. Also, cryptocurrency can be spent outside the ecosystem of Cinemadrom. 

4)By encouraging the viewer to cryptocurrency Lumiere, we are increasing its turnover, which has a positive effect on its exchange rate on exchanges. 

5)Finally, this is a marketing strategy for rapidly increasing the users of our streaming service. 

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There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of token sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%.