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All NEW, well forgotten OLD. CINEMADROM is an EVOLUTION in world CINEMA!

Cryptocurrency LUMIERE - at first glance a strange NAME? 

But in fact, nothing strange here - no. Our cryptocurrency Lumiere - created primarily for the film industry and filmmakers, and secondarily for the cryptoindustry and the entire crypto community. We decided to remind and perpetuate the great names of the creators of cinema.The brothers Louis Jean Lumiere and Auguste Louis Marie Nicolas Lumiere are the inventors of the cinematograph apparatus and the ancestors of the world film industry era. 

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 ATTENTION!!! - For crypto ENTHUSIASTS! There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of token sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%. Minimum purchase of tokens from $ 30. We accept any cryptocurrencies and liquid tokens of other projects that are traded on exchanges.