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What can a screenwriter, author on the platform CINEMADROM? 

•  Sell your movie script, the decorated idea of the movie project in the film market. 

•  Find a co-author, film director, producer, film group for the production of a film, a movie series or other film production. 

•  Place a film project to raise funding on the platform. 

•  Make a partnership with Cinemadrom on the production of a film project. 

•  Find supporters and start their own production. 

•  Use Cinemadrom as a guarantor for transactions, agreements and partnerships. 

•  Fix your copyright to the movie script or decorated idea of the film adaptation. 

•  Get PR from Cinemadrom for your film project. 

•  Place your movie in the streaming service Cinemadrom. 

•  Get all the benefits from the distribution of the film project. 

•  Sell property rights to a film project on the online movie market.

•  Participate in funding other film projects. 

•  Use Streaming service, watch movies and earn Lumiere. 

•  Communicate in the social network Cinemadrom. 

•  Use all the advantages of Lumiere cryptocurrency. 

A private round of the sale of the token with a 50% bonus continues. And at the moment everyone can enroll in the White List. It is necessary to reserve LUT tokens on private terms, before the tokens begin to be sold.