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What can the movie investor on the platform CINEMADROM? 

•Buy rights (become a co-producer) for a film in any volume. 

•Buy rights to several films, at your discretion (on the principle of portfolio investment). 

•Use the package offer from CINEMADROM in which there are several film projects with a certain amount of investment. 

•Invest in film projects at an early stage, Pre-Production, with large discounts. 

•Invest in film projects in the middle stage, Production, with a smaller discount, but already with a famous cast and film director. 

•Buy rights at a late stage, Post-Production, without a discount, but with a shorter investment period. 

•In case of loss of the film, sell your rights to the film project and receive a 100% compensation for the cryptocurrency Lumiere. 

•Communicate in social networks with colleagues and filmmakers. 

•Use all the advantages of Lumiere cryptocurrency. 

 A private round of the sale of the token with a 50% bonus continues. And at the moment everyone can enroll in the White List. It is necessary to reserve LUT tokens on private terms, before the tokens begin to be sold.