Назад к списку


Our social network is focused on the cinema industry. Anyone can become a member. International network, the interface is adapted to all languages. Personal, corporate accounts with great functionality, accounts of events, conferences, film festivals. All service is familiar and loved for us.The network is integrated with all services and tools of the Cinemadrom Eco-System. 

Payment tools and cryptocurrency applications. Internal translation service to communicate with the world. And the main thing - there is one important difference from the existing social networks.Cinemadrom pays for advertising. You can view ads, you can broadcast ads on your account, this way - you earn! Cinemadrom shares with you part of the advertising profit. But you can always turn off advertising and forget about it forever. This is your choice. 

Read more on the site. - cinemadrom.com. If you are interested in how our project develops? Subscribe to social networks.

ATTENTION!!! - For crypto ENTHUSIASTS! There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of token sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%. Minimum purchase of tokens from $ 30. We accept any cryptocurrencies and liquid tokens of other projects that are traded on exchanges.