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MVP of the CINEMADROM project !

If in 2017 the presence of MVP in the project was a plus, in 2018 this is already the norm. 

In 2019, this is an obligatory element. The question is - MVP guarantees the realization of the project goals in full volume?

Another question is when will the project start to generate profit in the presence of MVP?

This is especially true of those technological projects whose profits are based on commissions for using their product.

As an example - there is a huge number of projects creating a certain Blockchain environment for developers, which will improve the development Blockchain already existing in the world. How many developers should use these services, and how much time is needed - what would the project have done 10% of the money spent on its creation?

In our MVP project - are the film projects themselves.At the moment, these are 4 film projects oriented towards the world viewer. There is an approximate calculation of income and the timing of the implementation of these film projects. Work on the creation of film projects is conducted independently from the development of the Cinemadrom platform.Now there is an opportunity to invest and our film projects, with good bonuses. 

More on the link - /project_en There is also an opportunity to invest in the Cinemadrom platform. 

There is also an opportunity to invest in the Cinemadrom platform.Read more on the site. - https://cinemadrom.com/ If you are interested in how our project develops? Subscribe to social networks.  

There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of token sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%. Minimum purchase of tokens from $ 30. We accept any cryptocurrencies and liquid tokens of other projects that are traded on exchanges.