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To start the production of a film project on the Cinemadrom platform, the whole budget or its large part is not needed. The financing plan for film projects is divided into 3 stages. 

1st Pre-Production. At this stage, in the assets of the movie project there is only the intention of the film and the initial script. What profit will bring the project is not known. Therefore, for investors, there is a 15-20% bonus. During this stage is done - full preparation for the shooting, casting of actors and film crews, and other organizational actions.After the first stage, the project acquires commercial value. Known actors, film directors, screenwriters. And the presence of famous people who shoot the film, suggests success with the film project, and the fundraising for the next stage is faster and easier. 


2nd stage. Production In the process of this stage, the whole filming process and the preparation of advertising promo takes place. At the end of the production, the film acquires completeness and commercial value.At this stage, the investor assumes bonuses of up to 10%. 

3rd stage. Post-production and advertising campaign.During this period, the film takes on a finished look, and the estimated income from the distribution of the film is determined. Bonuses in this stage are absent.The third stage, for the investor, is a quick turnover of investments. But at this stage of film production, there is an increased demand. For crypto investors accustomed to fast and high profits, this is the most desirable tool. But usually up to this stage the film project already collects the necessary budget. 

At the moment, the platform Сinemadrom offers 4 film projects at the stage of Pre-Рroduction, with bonuses of 15-20%Link to film projects - cinemadrom.com/project_enRead more on the site. - cinemadrom.com. If you are interested in how our project develops? Subscribe to social networks. 
ATTENTION!!! - For crypto enthusiasts! There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of token sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%. Minimum purchase of tokens from $ 30. We accept any cryptocurrencies and liquid tokens of other projects that are traded on exchanges.