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The project CINEMADROM is first of all the PEOPLE’S PROJECT.


We do not plan to cancel the public token of the sale, as do projects similar to Cinemadrom.We hold a private round for ordinary people, where anyone can invest any amount starting from $ 30. We do not limit you and you can invest in the project Cinemadrom, any cryptocurrency or liquid token of another crypto project. You get the benefits of an early investor. What, in principle, does none other than Cinemadrom. 

We carry out an honest Bounty program with fixed rates, where participants immediately see how many will receive tokens doing tasks. And no matter how many participants are in the program now, everyone earns money at Cinemadrom.

We will organize an affiliate program for the Bounty and an affiliate program for the token of sale (will be available soon).We are also expanding the team! We need crypto enthusiasts with different skills.With such skills as Blockchain, Advisors, Trading, Mining, SMM, Marketing, Analyst, Information Retrieval, etc. 

Contacts via Telegram chat. t.me/cinemadrom, or website – cinemadrom.com.