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Cinemadrom offers truly unique conditions to become a co-producer of a film, movie series or animation. Namely: 

•The minimum amount of the transaction in the film project $ 100, the maximum is not limited. 

•The ability to invest in several film projects, reduce the risk of loss on the basis of portfolio investment. 

•Bonuses for an early investor. When you purchase rights to films in the Pre Production stage, the investor receives significant bonuses. 

•There are different time limits for investing in a movie project. For those who want to get profit faster, they can choose projects at the Post Production stage, but there are no bonuses. 

•Bonuses for large amounts of investment. For large buyers of rights to film production, additional bonuses are provided. 

•If one of the film projects does not make a profit immediately, then there is an opportunity to make a profit in the future. This is possible with multiple sales rights to this film, and receiving royalties. 

•The ability to sell the rights to the film before the end of its production. 

•Guarantee from possible losses. When the film did not return the production budget after the premiere, the investor can return the money, on insurance. 

A private round of the sale of the token with a 50% bonus continues. And at the moment everyone can enroll in the White List. It is necessary to reserve LUT tokens on private terms, before the tokens begin to be sold.