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Investing in movies assumes high profits. But, in contrast, there is a high risk that the film created will not return the costs. 

9 out of 10 films do not bring profit to the film producer. The income of insurance companies is based on the fact that insurance does not occur. The insurance company wins over a huge mass of customers. The film industry does not fit these criteria.

Cinemadrom is not an insurance company. However, we can protect the investor from possible loss. After the period of the premiere of the film, Сinemadrom becomes the owner of all rights, and the resulting profit is distributed to investors. 

If, as a result of the boxing office, the investor has suffered a loss, we will compensate for this loss - our cryptocurrency Lumiere. Next, we sell the rights in parts for the film in various services (Cable TV, Streaming platform, Satellite TV, Video services, TV, etc.). In this way, we recoup our own costs and even get a profit over a longer period of time.Read more on the site. - cinemadrom.com. If you are interested in how our project develops? Subscribe to social networks. 

 ATTENTION!!! - For crypto ENTHUSIASTS! There is an opportunity to participate in a private round of Token Sales of the project as a large investor, with a bonus of 50%. Minimum purchase of tokens from $ 30. We accept any cryptocurrencies and liquid tokens of other projects that are traded on exchanges.