The Investment Platform is designed for users who want to increase their capital. There are several main tools for these purposes: investments in CRYPTO-TOOLS Cinemadrom (MVH, LUT), investments in MOVIE PROJECTS (Property Cinema Rights, Crowdfunding, Futures Ticket) and investments in DefiMovie decentralized protocol. You can use any tools and increase your capital.

Increase your capital. Click and complete a deal. Investments are insured by the resources of the Movie Projects and the Cinemadrom.

The MovieCach (MVH) is a Movie Rights counterpart and a control for the DefiMovie protocol.

Support the Movie Projects and Get a Profit.

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How to multiply your funds using Cinemadrom's Crypto Assets?

Buy a LUT. The price of a asset is constantly growing.


Each sale of the LUT increases the price by 0.1%. After selling a total volume of 1,000,000 LUT, the price for each next purchase increases by 0.5%. After the sale of the total volume of 50,000,000 LUT, the price for each next purchase increases by 1%.


If you want to earn even more automatically use the PoS Mining LUT (LUM). To do this, you must buy at least 1000 LUT (LUM). In this case, a 5% LUT (LUM) will be added every month in your wallet. On average, 60% of annual income is obtained.


All sales of a LUT (LUM) are insured by movie projects of the Cinemadrom. The amount of funding in the crypto market is only 10% of the total funds received. The rest of the funding for movies comes from foundations, movie investors, partners, and so on.

Buy MVH the digital equivalent of Exclusive Property Rights for Movie Designs.


The MOVIECASH can be bought and sold on crypto exchanges, thereby earning a profit on the difference in rates. Get the trading price difference on the ABIT, LUKKI exchange.


MVH can be exchanged for Movie Rights at any time and for any film, even if the film was released and the profit from this film is already obvious. Get income from movies.


Users with at least 1,000 MVH in their balance can make changes to DefiMovie and vote on protocol improvements. The number of MVH is equal to the number of user votes.

How the price rises?

You bought a LUT (LUM) for $ 1, the next buyer is already buying LUT (LUM) for $ 1.001. The tenth user buys LUT (LUM) for the price of $ 1.01. The price of LUT (LUM) is constantly growing.

Capitalization a LUT (LUM)

The growth of capitalization a LUT (LUM) is due to profits from film projects and revenues from the development of the Cinemadrom Ecosystem.

Liquidity a LUT (LUM)

90% of liquidity a LUT (LUM) is provided by funds received in film projects from foundations, movie investors, partners, and so on.

To increase your funds Buy the LUT (LUM)

Follow the link and buy online LUT (LUM) until the price has not yet risen. Various payment options are available from crypto assets to fiat money. After paying for your order, you will receive a LUT (LUM) in your wallet. Minimum purchase of 50 LUT.

Sell LUT (LUM) and make a Profit

Since the price is constantly rising, you can sell your LUT (LUM) anytime after 5 months of holding and take profit. When selling LUT (LUM), an inverse mathematical algorithm operates and the price decreases slightly by 0.05%. For the sale of LUT (LUM) in the near future, a decentralized P2P exchange will function.

How to multiply your funds using Cinemadrom's Movie Assets?

Buy Exclusive Proprietary Rights for Movies.


1 part of movie rights - $ 100. You can buy any number of property rights for a movie project. By purchasing the rights, you become a co-producer of the film.


Smart contracts automatically control funding and film production processes. As a co-producer, you can also participate in the production of the film if you wish.


Profit from movie distribution throughout its entire lifecycle of 3-7 years. The bulk of the profit comes after the premiere within 1-3 months. Rights to films is income.

Buy Futures Ticket.


You can buy a "Futures Ticket" for $ 3 with a discount. The base price of the Futures Ticket is now $ 5. As part of the promotion, each user can purchase any number of "Futures Tickets". The promotion is valid until 01/15/2021.


After the movie is finished production, Cinemadrom will buy a Futures Ticket from you for $ 5. By using the Futures Ticket, you earn from 60% of your investment in a futures instrument from Cinemadrom. It is a futures instrument that guarantees your profits.


After purchasing a "Futures Ticket", Cinemadrom will send you a Certificate for the total number of your "Futures Tickets". At any time you can exchange your Futures Tickets "for LUT tokens, Cinemadrom ecosystems. LUT operates in the Cinemadrom ecosystem.

Crowdfunding for Cinemadrom films. Join now, support the production of movies and TV series.


Crowdfunding is Cinemadrom's tool for raising funds for film projects. You can deposit any amount from $ 10 that you consider necessary to support cinema projects.


Add a money into movie projects and get a MOVIECASH (MVH) token at the current market rate in return. At any time you can sell a MVH on the exchange and get your money.


You can exchange MVH for a Movie Rights at any time. Wait for a MVH exchange rate on the exchange to rise, then exchange part of a MVH for Movie Rights and get double profit.

Sell a LUT (P2P)

To sell a LUT token, fill in your details for the of P2P exchange.

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