The LUTOKEN (LUT) works within the entire CINEMADROM Ecosystem. This is the main token of the project that provides transactions and unites all services of the Cinemadrom ecosystem into a single platform for investors, filmmakers and viewers.

LUTOKEN (LUT) is for transactions and control in the CINEMADROM Movie Platform.

ERC20 - Ethereum

LUTOKEN token of ERC20 standard. Blockchain - Ethereum.

3,000,000,000 - LUT

One-time token emission = 3,000,000,000 LUT. Additional release is not provided.

LUTOKEN = $ growth

The market value LUTOKEN in USDT, ETH or BTC is based on the current exchange rate.

Buy and on Hold

The token is not yet sold on cryptocurrency exchanges and is available for purchase on the Cinemadrom website.

PoT Movie Protocol

LUT is used in the PoT Movie deyentralized protocol as a control and mining token in Online Cinema.


LUT operates in the Cinemadrom ecosystem until its own blockchain is created based on the LUMIERE coins. Further, the LUT token can be exchanged for LUMIERE with a 15% bonus.

How the price LUT rises?

You bought a LUT (LUM) for $ 1, the next buyer is already buying LUT (LUM) for $ 1.001. The tenth user buys LUT (LUM) for the price of $ 1.01. The price of LUT (LUM) is constantly growing.

Capitalization a LUT (LUM)

The growth of capitalization a LUT (LUM) is due to profits from film projects and revenues from the development of the Cinemadrom Ecosystem.

Liquidity a LUT (LUM)

90% of liquidity a LUT (LUM) is provided by funds received in film projects from foundations, movie investors, partners, and so on.

Buy a LUT. The price of a asset is constantly growing.


Each sale of the LUT increases the price by 0.1%. After selling a total volume of 1,000,000 LUT, the price for each next purchase increases by 0.5%. After the sale of the total volume of 50,000,000 LUT, the price for each next purchase increases by 1%.


A viewers of Online Cinema earn rewards a LUT (LUM) via PoT protocol. Per network support and video content sharing. A movies are delivered by filmmakers by a validators level 1 to level 2 validators, and then transferred to level 3 validators from user to user.


If you want to earn even more automatically use the PoS Mining LUT (LUM). To do this, you must buy at least 1000 LUT (LUM). In this case, a 5% LUT (LUM) will be added every month in your wallet. On average, 60% of annual income is obtained.


LUT operates in this Cinemadrom ecosystem and is used as a token for payments and transfers.

How to buy LUTOKEN token?

The token is sold on the Cinemadrom website. Click the “Buy LUTOKEN” button. You will be directed to the token purchase page on the Cinemadrom website and you can complete the operation.


1.9 0 $
Official Price a LUT