«BREAKING» Futures Ticket


Futures Ticket for the tv series «BREAKING».

The “Futures Ticket” futures tool for any movie presented on the Cinemadrom platform offers guaranteed earnings immediately after the end of the film production.

Now you can buy the “Futures Ticket” with a base price of $ 5 with a discount for $ 3.
As part of the promotion, each user can buy of any number of the “Futures Ticket”. The promotion is valid until 01/15/2021.
To get “Futures Ticket”, add it to your shopping cart and pay.

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The “Futures Ticket” also offers guaranteed earnings right after the film’s production ends. Now you can buy “Futures Ticket” for $ 3, then after the end of production of the film Cinemadrom will buy a “Futures Ticket” from you for $ 5. Using “Futures Ticket” you earn 60% of your investment in a Futures instrument.

After purchasing a “Futures Ticket”, Cinemadrom will send you a Certificate for the total number of your “Futures Ticket”.

Join now, support the production of the tv series «BREAKING».



Extensive epidemics that claimed half of the world’s population were defeated. Thanks to advanced technology and the universal vaccine in 2045, people were able to survive and became immune to diseases and viruses.

The entire global economy has switched to a Blockchain Systems. In order not to transfer viruses, people abandoned paper money. Each economy used its crypto coins. State and political processes in the world began to be controlled and managed through reliable a Blockchain. People have found the long-awaited well-being.But is it really so?

A resistance group appeared that saw in the existing order a new threat to humanity. It turned out that the world government, contrary to independent technology made Blockchain centralized and uses the network to its advantage, controls the lives of people.

The “Free Society” resistance group, led by Max Gray, and his assistant, the brilliant hacker John Deft set itself the goal of breaking into the system, gaining complete control, and destroying total centralization. Макс understood in order to break into the blockchain of the network, it was necessary at one moment to take possession of all the nodes and computers on the earth, which is impossible.

During the raids John Deft began to notice that someone was helping them and give access to control over the Blockchain network. Thanks to this help, the hackers group there is an opportunity to a short time to change protocols and data on the network. Because of these the breaks in network, money is lost without a trace, transactions do not reach the recipient. Even the mafia, which conducts its business through the blockchain, receives losses.

To ensure stability in the system, the world government decides to radically sort out the problem. “Secret Intelligence Service” (SIS) needs to destroy the “Free Society” group and exterminate technology hacking. During the next breaking the hackers get information that some unknown Genius helps them.

It turned out that in 2020 the “NanoGen” project was created, which studied the possibilities of technology and biology.

Later, a laboratory was attacked, all employees were killed. The project founder Tony Morris has disappeared.  The secret developments of project “NanoGen” have also disappeared.

All information about this Genius was fragmented, encoded and hidden in different blockchain networks.

After the bloody redistribution in 2030, mafia chapter lady Bloody Kim takes control of all the criminal groups in the world. This tough and unprincipled Lady decides to use Genius for her criminal purposes.

Insidious the lady Bloody Kim captures her former lover John Deft of the hacker group “Free Society”. John refuses from to betray his friend Max Gray. Bloody Kim, anticipating John’s refusal, takes wife, John, and his 10-year-old son hostage.

Knowing full well what lady Bloody Kim is capable of, John agrees and leads a double game.

John turns to former policeman Philip for help. Philip left the police when he lost his family during a special operation to arrest the leader of the Mafia. Following this tragedy, Philip has founded a shelter for troubled children, adolescents and orphans. And in memory of his family he dedicated his life to this mission. Philip cannot leave the orphanage and promises to help John using police connections.

With this data, the hacker group “Free Society”, the “Mafia” and “SIS”, threw all their resources for a Genius search. Each of these structures has its own goal and use its own working methods. The stakes are high and various criminal means, blackmail, bribery, hacking, murder, went in business.

During the search, it turns out that all the paths lead to the Philip orphanage. Soon, the rivals realize that everything is not so simple, and to stop Genius, you need to destroy all of humanity.


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