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Futures Ticket for the tv series «RUSICHI».

You can buy any number of tickets. The cost with a discount is available until 30.12.20.
The ticket gives the right to premiere immediately after the film.

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860, the Normans attack the rich Slavic lands. In Ladoga, the prince of the Western Slavs dies, Ghostomysl, and the local princes begin to divide his lands. Gostomysl, in order to stop strife between tribes and trade missions, appeals for help to the Varyags.

The prince of the warlike Varangian tribe Rus, Rurik, was invited to reign in Novgorod in order to stop strife between the tribes and trade missions. Oleg’s bride, Efanda for political purposes, forcibly married to Rurik. Despite this, Oleg and Efanda continue to love each other.

The rule of Rurik soon becomes a problem for the local boyars. In the Slavic lands there are uprisings, fires, murders and robberies.

Rurik learns that Efanda is pregnant, from Oleg. Imperious prince, wants to kill Rurik learns that Efanda is pregnant from Oleg. Imperious prince, wants to kill Oleg, and pass off the child as his. Oleg is ahead of Rurik and runs to gather his army. Under the banner of Oleg is going to a big army. Oleg must defeat the superior forces of his enemies in order to conquer Kiev, and make his son Igor the heir to Rusich.


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