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1 part of the rights is $ 100. You can buy any number of rights to a movie project. When you buy the rights you become a co-producer of the film. All purchase rights are insured.

The co-producer makes a profit from distributing the film throughout the entire life cycle. As a rule it is 3-7 years. The main part of the profit is distributed after the premiere of the film within 1 month.

Bonus pre-production stage (from 01.12.19 to 20.12.20)  – 20%. To buy rights with a bonus at the stage of the purchase, enter this code: DISCOUNT-20%

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The Agency “We will think for you!” Appeared in the city, whose employees provide an unusual service – they penetrate people’s minds with the help of a neuroprogram, and thus solve other people’s problems.

The protagonist of the story is a thirty-year-old Dmitry, a former policeman, working in the department of fears and phobias. As the best employee, he is entrusted with the most difficult tasks.

While the client is unconscious lying on the couch, the employee appears in his thoughts and instead of the client participates there as an active actor. Living for the client that the client himself is scared or painful, makes a difficult decision for the client.

All records of customer thoughts are contained in the repository for further scientific work. Once there was a leak – and the secret thoughts of customers become known to outsiders. Chaos begins among the inhabitants of the city. The reputation of the agency is in the balance. Everyone understands that only one of their employees could have made this leak. Dmitry takes up the investigation and discovers that the life of each of the clients has become worse. People have forgotten how to not only solve their problems, but also to experience human feelings.

Dmitry understands that the Agency is an evil that controls the minds of people in the interests of politicians and bankers. Dmitry decides to destroy the Agency and return the people to their lives.


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