CINEMA – Futures Ticket (FREE PASS)


The “Futures Ticket” futures tool for any film presented on the Cinemadrom platform offers guaranteed earnings immediately after the end of the film production and access to the film premiere.

Now you can get a “Futures Ticket” as a gift with a base price of $ 5. “Futures Ticket” grants you the right to view the premiere of any movie you choose, which is presented on the Cinemadrom platform.

Within the framework of the promotion, each user can receive only 1 “Futures Ticket” with a base value of $ 5. The promotion is valid until 01/15/2021.

To get the “Futures Ticket”, add the item to your cart in quantity 1. There is no need to pay for the “Futures Ticket” during the promotion. When creating an order and filling in your data in the “Order notes (optional)” field, write for which film project you want to receive a “Futures Ticket”.

Your order for “Futures Ticket” will be displayed in your personal account on the ORDERS tab.



Also, if you wish, you can buy any amount of “Futures Ticket” for any film presented on the Cinemadrom platform. To purchase, go to SHOP by the link –

Futures Ticket also offers guaranteed earnings right after the film’s production ends. Now you can buy “Futures Ticket” for $ 3, then after the end of production of the film Cinemadrom will buy a “Futures Ticket” from you for $ 5. Using “Futures Ticket” you earn 60% of your investment in a Futures instrument.

After purchasing a “Futures Ticket”, Cinemadrom will send you a Certificate for the total number of your “Futures Ticket”.


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