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BUY and ADD token a LUTOKEN in your WALLET.

The token can be bought under the investment program. The minimum purchase for this program is 100 LUT. The price LUT is constantly growing depending on the number of sales. If you buy 1000 LUT, PoS mining and additional income will be available for you. Read more about the investment program.

The token also can be bought in the private round of the Cinemadrom project. The minimum purchase amount is a 10000 LUT. In the private round, a 15% bonus is provided in the form of additional tokens. The token can be used to work with the services and ecosystem of the Cinemadrom project.


  1. Add the required number of tokens to the CART (minimum 100 LUT) and press the ADD TO CART button. Press the button VIEW CART. Check your order.
  2. Press the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  3. Check your billing information. In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field, enter the address your ETH wallet. To this ETH wallet we send you the tokens LUT if you have at least 100 LUTs on your balance. Wallets Open on exchanges are not suitable.
  4. Choose the payment option you need and follow the instructions.
  5. Click on the button PLACE ORDER.
  6. Pay your the order. Wait for the confirmation of the SHOP to your E-MAIL, which is registered on the Сinemadrom website as your account.
  7. If you buy tokens in a private round of 10,000 LUT, then send your scans of documents for KYC verification. Link for KYC
  8. After checking KYC a LUT tokens will be sent to your wallet within 1 hour after the receipt of your payment and checking KYC.
  9. If you buy tokens under the investment program then you do not need to go through KYC.
  10. If you buy tokens in a private round of 10,000 LUT then in addition, you will additionally receive LUT tokens as a bonus of 15%.
  11. Congratulations !!!
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Add the required number of tokens to the basket (minimum 100 LUT) and select the appropriate payment option. Pay for your the LUT purchase and get your tokens. Add token the LUTOKEN to your WALLET.

The LUT token used for investment and services of the Cinemadrom Ecosystem.

The token LUTOKEN – Utility. Token released on blockchain ETHEREUM. This is the main token of the project that is designed to function with the Cinemadrom ecosystem. The CINEMADROM – tokens release at a time. Additional emission is not provided.

  • The initial price of the token is $ 1.
  • Each subsequent sale of LUT increases the price by 0.1%.
  • Depending on the sold LUT volume, the price increases by 0.5% and further 1%.
  • More details on the Cinemadrom Investment Platform.

Add token LUTOKEN to your WALLET.

TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS – 0x229D79350dd75b606DF014FBfBd48f9f44EB9890


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