NFT token “NEFERTITI-1B0001” Historical Action Drama


Buying a part of the property copyright on the movie series as an NFT Movie token.

The owner of this non-fungible NFT token is the owner of exclusive property copyright for the “NEFERTITI” movie project in the amount of 1 token or more NFT Movie token.

1 NFT token = 1 minute of a movie. The owner of the NFT Movie token becomes a co-producer and has the right to receive part of the profit from the box office of this film in the amount of his financial investment in this movie project. Every second of the film is supported by the budget of this movie project. This certificate is registered in the register of co-producers of the movie project “NEFERTITI” on the website

You can buy any number of NFT Movie token to a movie project. When you buy the rights you become a co-producer of the film and acquire the property rights to a portion of the movie. All purchase rights are insured.

The co-producer makes a profit from distributing the movie throughout the entire life cycle. As a rule it is 3-7 years. The main part of the profit is distributed after the premiere of the film within 1 month.

Complete the deal, buy NFT token. You can buy NFT Movie token for ETH, BTC, MVH, USD, EUR. After receiving the payment, the sales department will send your token or tokens to your ETH wallet specified at the time of the transaction.

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1370 BC The mighty Tsar of Metanii the Tashrat, is going to war in Egypt. The ruler of Egypt, Amenhotep III, enters the battle. The warriors of Amenhotep III kidnap the king’s beloved 12-year-old daughter, princess Taducepa. During the battle, the princess is killed. Tsar Tushrat, asks the sun god to return his daughter. The princess is resurrected, calls herself – Nefertiti, and tells the king that we must stop the war with Egypt, and give her to the harem of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The son of Pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, fall in love with the beauty of Nefertiti. Soon, old Amenhotep III, dies. According to the Egyptian tradition, all the wives of Pharaoh after the death of the ruler should be buried with him alive. Amenhotep IV, at the last moment, rescues Nefertiti from death, secretly replacing her with another girl and sacrifices her. Amenhotep IV against the will of the priests, marry Nefertiti and orders him to call himself Ehnaton, which means “pleasing Aton”, the sun god.

Nefertiti and Ehnaton make radical changes in religion and politics. Change causes the wrath of the priests of Egypt, and the Kings of neighboring states. The queen cannot give birth – the heir to the throne, which becomes the personal tragedy of Nefertiti and Ehnaton. Their marriage is falling apart. The priests and the warlord Horemheb, are preparing to seize power. The sculptor Thutmos warns Nefertiti, but it is too late, Ehnaton dies at the hands of traitors. Nefertiti, fights with conspirators. Horemheb runs to unite with the enemies of Egypt.

Nefertiti, abandoned by her allies, alone enters an unequal battle with enemies to defend her throne, the new religion of Egypt, and protect her six daughters and illegally born son from the sculptor Thutmose.


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