«SHUFFLE» – Action Thriller


Purchase of a part of the property copyright for a full-length feature film.

1 part of the rights is $ 100. You can buy any number of rights to a movie project. When you buy the rights you become a co-producer of the film. All purchase rights are insured.

The co-producer makes a profit from distributing the film throughout the entire life cycle. As a rule it is 3-7 years. The main part of the profit is distributed after the premiere of the film within 1 month.

Bonus pre-production stage (from 01.12.19 to 01.12.20) – 20%. To buy rights with a bonus at the stage of the purchase, enter this code: DISCOUNT-20%

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Terrorists planning to establish a new world order are stealing technology created for a new weapon from the secret laboratory of South Korea. In criminal hands, technology can be used in espionage and blackmail of politicians and businessmen.

France, is preparing a summit of presidents of G7 states, at the summit must approve a global plan to eliminate the threat of terrorism. Terrorists, using technological advantage plan to prevent the meeting. Three days before the G7 meeting, the terrorists discover the loss of the secret device.

In Europe, a lucky player appears in the cards, who always won and then disappeared to appear in another country and beat the next casino.

Former policeman Rey, demoted for his unconventional methods of investigation, and mired in debt because of his addiction to gambling in casinos, wants to know the secret of a successful card player.

Rey hires a professional thief Verona, who leads a double game. A carefully thought-out scheme is already collapsing at the very beginning, because, not only terrorists and criminal structures hunt for this technology, but special services from different countries of the world.


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