Meta Movie Universe

The MetVerse "CINEMADROM" is the first company to create a complex ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology for the new World Cinema 3.0

  • In the MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" all users, viewers and filmmakers earn. Create or show movies, shop or have fun, live, walk in MetaVerse and earn LUMIERE coin.
  • A movie companies, filmmakers and users to quickly find funding for their films or invest to create movies.
  • Viewers will get new emotional sensations from watching films created using new technologies AR / VR in cinema 3.0. A viewer will get new sensations, both emotional and tactile.
  • All production and distribution companies that operate in the media industry will open their offices in the MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" to participate in the process of creating and developing a new virtual Hollywood and Media Industries in Web3.

Since August 2018 the CINEMADROM to create a new Meta Universe for a Cinematography and media industry. A Meta Movie Universe is an expanded new VR virtual reality that will intersect with AR reality in Web3 format.





The MOVIECASH (MVH) is designed to fund movie projects hosted in the MetaVerse "CINEMADROM", and also to manage the DefiMovie protocol, puy NFTs, and purchase a Land in "MovieLand.City". Later MOVIECASH can be exchanged for LUM.

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LUMIERE (LUM) is the main decentralized coin backed by the assets of Movie Projects, DefiMovie, MVH and NFT. LUM is required for functioning, transactions and controls in MetaMerse "CINEMADROM". LUM is created by users and will be created later.

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NFT - Movie

The NFT movies tokens are not fungible assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or MovieCash, these tokens are individual and are digital assets for a particular movie. You acquire property rights to a part of a movie in MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" and earn profits.

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How MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" works?

Users and Filmmakers can be located in different locations and at the same time be able to work together in their virtual offices using their Avatars in MetaVerse «Cinemadrom». Each film company and producers have their own virtual spaces, film sets and cinemas. Producers will be able to quickly find funding for their films and continue to create movies. Viewers will get new emotional sensations from watching films created using new technologies in cinema 3.0. All users can have fun and receive LUMIERE coin at the same time for their actions in MetaVerse «Cinemadrom»

META Movie Universe is 
What it looks like for Film Companies, Producers, Directors, Actors, Crypto Exchanges, Banks, TV, Media Services, Film Schools, Freelancers, Movie Professionals, Distributors, Media Companies etc.


In the MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" all participants in the film industry create representative offices or offices in VR land, from Film Companies to Film Schools, etc. Each participant in film production and film actor and viewer have their own virtual avatar.


The 1st stage of financing of the Cinema Project is carried out by issuing NFT tokens in the amount of up to 30% of the film's budget. 1 token = 1 sec. film timing. 30% of the budget is sufficient for the pre-production of the film and will create a reserve for the price growth for NFT tokens.

DeFi Movie LOANS

The 2st stage of financing of the Cinema Project from 50% to 70% of the film's budget through leveraging the DeFi Movie protocol. In the DeFi protocol, the film company provides property copyrights for a future film in the form of a NFT and MovieCash or Lumiere token as collateral for a loan.

EXCHANGE service for USERS

A Users, Investors, Film Companies, Producers, crypto assets and fiat funds can change, sell and withdraw to bank accounts, through the offices of a Crypto Centralized Exchanges or Exchanges DEX and Banks in the "Meta Movie Universe CINEMADROM".


Film production consists of three stages: Pre-Production (stage of preparation), Production (stage of filming), Post-Production (film editing). Pre-Production and Post-Production of a film is convenient and profitable in the virtual office "Meta Movie".

Creation of CINEMAS

In order to show the film to the Audience and collect the Cinema Box Office, the Cinema Company can buy Land and build a Cinema in the "MetaVerse CINEMADROM". Also, a producer can use the services of a distributor who already has a cinema.

Each participant of the film production as a full user of MetaVerse «CINEMADROM» also receives LUMIERE coins and income for their actions in MetaVerse.

How it looks for Movie Viewers, Meta Movie Universe Users, etc.

Watch a MOVIE and EARN

To watch films in "Meta Movie Universe CINEMADROM", the Viewers must buy a subscription to the Cinema for any period (month, half a year, year). The subscription entitles you to watch films in all cinemas and from all distributors and is not limited to only one Cinema Company. This is very beneficial. When watching each movie, movie viever earns LUMIERE.


In MetaVerse "CINEMADROM" earn and receive income by all users. Relax, do business, buy goods, use the services of companies or just walk around in DAO "MovieLand" and earn LUMIERE coin for all your activities. You can also buy land build any business in MetaVerse and get even more profit. Buy land and smart contracts will do everything for you automatically.


Earned LUMIERE tokens viewers can invest in movie projects, in a business, in crypto, send for a stake, buy goods, pay for services or spend for any purpose in the MetaVerse and exchange for other crypto coins and fiat money. All financial transactions can be done through the offices of crypto exchanges in the VR space MetaVerse "CINEMADROM".

Gradually, with the development of technology, spectators will be able to watch films shot with panoramic cameras not in front of the screen, but will have the opportunity to be in a film itself and through the virtual space to fully participate in the history of a film. The intersection of AR with VR in «Meta Universe CINEMADROM» will allow films to be made more spectacular with the maximum involvement of the viewer in the plot of the story. The viewer will get new sensations, both emotional and tactile. When watching such a movie, the viewer will feel that everything that happens in a film happens to him personally.

For these purposes and to create a global VR space MetaVerse «CINEMADROM» creates DAO «MovieLand»

In DAO "MovieLand" a everyone gets INCOME

Invest in your land in VR space – MovieLand – it’s profitable, safe and promising.

How you can make a profit:

Buy and Sell

Buy land in the center of MovieLand City, now in round 1 for low prices in the form of an NFT token. Sell ​​the land later at a higher price and get a profit from x10 to x30. You can buy 1 square (100 m2), or you can buy a whole block or many blocks.

Buy and Rent

Buy land in the center of MovieLand City, already in the 1st round at low prices in the form of an NFT token. Later lease out the land for VR/AR business in MovieLand.City, and receive a permanent profit of 10% from the business built on this land.

Buy and do Business

Buy land in the center of MovieLand City, already in the 1st round at low prices in the form of an NFT token. Build any business, such as Cinema. Receive a constant profit of 10% from the constant rental of Films in the Cinema.

In the center DAO «MovieLand» land is sold for business and guarantees the owner a permanent income! By investing money once, the user receives a profit every day always.

Choose NFT token in DAO "MovieLand", buy land and earn income!

How you can make a profit:

Your income directly depends on the area of ​​your land. The larger the area on which you have built a business, the more users will be able to use your content or services (1m2 = 1 user).
You receive all income automatically, through MetaVerse «CINEMADROM» smart contracts. You will not need to do anything else, just buy land and build your own cinema or other business, and then the algorithm will do everything by itself. Moreover, you do not need to have knowledge in cinema.


The Movie Projects are in pre-production stage and are available for the purchase of Property Rights.

Action Drama
Tv Series

The Production BUDGET - $ 150 000 000. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage (from 01.12.22 to 31.12.23) - $ 5 000 000


The Production BUDGET – $ 30 000 000. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage (from 05.05.22 to 01.12.23) - $ 2 100 000


The Production BUDGET – $ 70 000 000. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage (from 01.12.22 to 01.12.23) - $ 3 000 000

Постер 1EN

The Production BUDGET – $ 15 000 000. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage (from 01.12.22 to 20.12.23) - $ 1 000 000

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Click and complete a deal. Investments in NFT tokens are insured by the resources of the Movie Projects and the by Cinemadrom. This NFT token secures your ownership of the film copyright and guarantees you a profit from the Film boxing office.

The NFT token of this movie project can be used as borrow (collateral) in the DeFiMovie protocol receive a loan for film productionand to create LUMIERE coin (LUM).





Any user can invest in movies projects - from $100 за 1 NFT movie or from 1000 MOVIECASH.

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The Movies projects are analyzed by experts for investment interest and the box office.

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The Smart Contracts automatically control investment and movies production processes.

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The investor is reliably protected, each film project is insured against losses by capital from the insurance fund.

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The estimate of Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) – in 2021, the world box office of films exceeded:

$ billions

The world production income from the film production in 2021.

$ billions

Share of the independent producers accounts for 27% of world income.

MovieCash & NFT Movie and Lands is your a stable income

By purchasing an NFT Movie token during the pre-production of a movie, you already get a profit, since only 10-30% of the total budget of the movie was issued NFT tokens at the lowest price, so the price of the token is constantly growing. By the post-production stage, the price of the NFT Movie token grows by X100 – 500. You can sell the token at any time and fix the profit.

The Partners Film Companies and Distributors MetaVerse «CINEMADROM»

These movie company partners have already bought land in DAO «MovieLand.City» and are starting to build their Movie Web3 business in the VR space in MetaVerse «CINEMADROM».

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