The Cinemadrom NFT platform is a place for trading digital tokens related to visual works of art. Here you can discover many different digital assets that are associated with movies and movie series. The Cinemadrom NFT tokens are not fungible assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, these tokens are individual and are digital assets for a particular movie. By buying NFT tokens of films, you acquire exclusive property rights to a part of a particular movie and then you will receive income from the rental of this movie.

About NFT Cinemadrom TOKENS


NFT tokens Cinemadrom are simplifying the copyright control of films and film series. With the help of NFT tokens linked to the cinema projects of the Cinemadrom, producers and users automatically receive the rights to watch and rent films, and streaming services can buy the rights to show films and TV series in one click.


The owners of NFT tokens Cinemadrom, after the release of a movie or movie series, are guaranteed to receive income from investments in NFT tokens that are linked to the cinema projects of the Cinemadrom. When the film is ready and the rights to display the film by the theater and streaming services are sold, the NFT token holders receive income from the sale of the rights to display the movie.


Each non-fungible Cinemadrom NFT token is unique and cannot be tampered with, split or surreptitiously replaced. Such an organization is ideal in order to secure their rights for every unique second of the film, in a single copy. Thus, each NFT token of Cinemadrom projects is provided with a film budget and guarantees income.



Each NFT token of the movie of the Cinemadrom project is equal to 1 second of screen time. Each second of screen time consists of 24 separate unique frames (photographs). The owner of 1 NFT token receives the rights to a unique 24 film frames, from which 1 second of the film is obtained. Each second of the movie is covered by the budget of a specific movie project.


A limited edition of NFT tokens is issued for each movie project. For each specific movie, no more than 30% of NFT tokens are issued and depends on the timekeeping and the initial budget of the movie. For each movie series, NFT tokens are issued in the amount of timekeeping and an initial budget of 1 episode. NFT tokens are issued in stages, in parts.


At the initial stage, the Cinemadrom company issues NFT tokens that are tied to film projects on specialized services - OpenSea. You can buy NFT tokens both on the Cinemadrom website and on OpenSea for ETH or MVH. Later, Cinemadrom will open a service for issuing NFT tokens on the Cinemadrom website for various movie projects for all film producers and film directors.


The NFT token of listed movie projects can be used as collateral (collateral) in the DeFiMovie protocol to create stable coins Meta Movie, tokens LUMIЕRE (LUM) and obtain a loan for film production..


  • Distribution - INTERNATIONAL SHOW
  • Duration - 8 episodes of 52 minutes
  • Production stage - PRE-PRODUCTION
  • The Production BUDGET - $ 40 million
  • The plan for box office - $ 75 million
  • 1 NFT token = 1 second of the movie
  • 1 NFT token = 1 Ethereum (ETH).
  • A total of 3000 NFT = 1 episodes will be released.
  • Token name - "BREAKING-1A0001". The name of the token is BREAKING-1A0001. This is a 1 second movie NFT token.

This certificate is registered in the register of co-producers of the film project “BREAKING” on the website

You can buy NFT token for ETH, BTC, MVH, USD, EUR.

Click and complete a deal. Investments in NFT tokens are insured by the resources of the Movie Projects and the by Cinemadrom. This NFT token secures your ownership of the film copyright and guarantees you a profit from the Film boxing office.

The NFT token of this movie project can be used as collateral (collateral) in the DeFiMovie protocol to create stable coins Meta Movie, LUMIERE token (LUM) and receive a loan for film production.

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Official Price NFT "BREAKING-1A0001"