LUMIERE (LUM) is the main decentralized coin on the Ethereum blockchain, supported by the assets of MovieCash, Film Projects, Defi Movie, NFT Movie BTC, ETH. LUM is required for transactions and financial transactions in the MovieLand DAO.

What is LUMIERE (LUM)?

LUMIERE (LUM) is a main decentralized currency backed by assets by participants in the DAO “MovieLand”. LUM is required for transactions and financial operations in Metaverse CINEMADROM”.

 your a CAPITAL !!!



Digital Currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime in “MovieLand” and beyond.

Financial freedom always

Decentralized Stable Coin with that you control. Create LUMIERE on your terms instantly. Use your intellectual, financial assets. Get income.

Earn LUM constantly

Create your a LUM in the decentralized protocol "MovieLand" DAO and earn a income based on your business. Sell ​​goods, services, have fun and get LUMIERE.

DAO control system

The LUMIERE coins holder community manages a Decentralized protocols and smart contracts on which the LUM is created in "MovieLand" DAO.

How can I get Stable Coin LUMIERE (LUM)?

Any user can create their own LUMIERE (LUM). To create LUM, a user must perform any action in “MovieLand” DAO . For example: watch movies, shoping, have fun, explore Metaverse, live in your apartment in “MovieLand”, or buy land in “MovieLand” and build their business in Metaverse “CINEMADROM”. The more significant your actions, the more you will create LUMIERE and earn.

How it works.

MVH changes to LUM

Buy MOVIECASH now and exchange later for LUMIERE coin, which is currently unavailable. The MOVIECASH (MVH) operates within the Cinemadrom ecosystem has already been created. Further, the MVH token can be exchanged for LUMIERE with a 15% bonus. After the exchange, the MVH token burns out and only the LUMIERE coin remains.

Watch Movie get LUM

When watching each movie, the Viewer earns LUMIERE. You can buy a subscription to watch movies both in the first row and in the last one. In the first row the Spectator earns more, in the last row less. The closer to the first row the viewer bought a subscription, the more privileges and bonuses he has. For example, get an new NFT Movie via AirDrop and so on. The list of bonuses is large.

Build any Business

Buy land in the center of MovieLand DAO, in the form of an NFT token. Build any business such as Cinema or any traditional or crypto business. Smart contracts in MovieLand will launch and build any business on your land automatically. Receive LUMIERE as a profit. The larger the land area, the more you earn LUMIERE. The area can be increased later.

AirDrop LUM via NFT

Buy an NFT Movie for any movie project now and then an early LUMIERE Coin AirDrop will be available for you. Thus, you will be the first to receive LUM and additional privileges and bonuses. A total of 1,000,000 LUMs ($1,000,000) will be distributed to 1,000 participants. The distribution will be 1,000 LUMs for the first users. This AirDrop will only once. Be among the first and profit.








AirDrop LUM


The uniqueness of LUMIERE (LUM) is that the token is not created at the same time. The minting of LUMIERE occurs at the moment, when users perform necessary actions in DAO MovieLand.