MOVIECASH (MVH) – (Lot = 5000 MVH)


The Private Sale tokens MOVIECASH (MVH) / (Round #3 = $0.07 for MVH) .

The token MOVIECASH (MVH) – Utility. Token released on blockchain ETHEREUM. Token is designed to well as to launch and support the work of various services of the Cinemadrom ecosystem. The official price of the MVH token is $0.1.
Currently, Round 3 of the Private Sale of the MVH token is open at a price of $0.07. The token is sold in Lots of 5000 MVH. Round 3 and bonus price valid until June 30st. There are 3 rounds in the Private Sale. Each round gives a discount to buy a token cheaper. Round #1 bonus 70%, Round #2 bonus 50%, Round #3 bonus 30%. After all rounds are completed, MVH will be listed on CEX & DEX at a price of $0.3.


  1. In the Right Round, add the required number of tokens (Lots) to the CART (minimum 1 lot = 5000 MVH) and press the ADD TO CART button. You can add any number of lots that are still available.
  2. Press the button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Check your order.
  3. Check your billing information. Fill in all the fields. In the ETH WALLET field, enter the address your ETH wallet. To this ETH wallet we send you the tokens MVH. Wallets Open on exchanges are not suitable. Your best bet is to use the MetaMask wallet & Trast Walet.
  4. You can pay using BTC or supported networks (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon) and cryptocurrencies (ETH, USDT, MATIC, AWAX, USDC, BNB, BUSD). For payment, you can connect any of the wallets (MetaMask, Trast Walet, Binance Wallet, Bitget Wallet, Okx Wallet, Xdefi Wallet).
    Choose the payment option you need and follow the instructions.
  5. Click on the button PLACE ORDER.
  6. Pay your order. Wait for the confirmation of the OTC-SHOP to your E-MAIL, which is registered on the Cinemadrom website as your account.
  7. A MOVIECASH tokens will be sent to your wallet the receipt and verification of your payment.
  8. Add the MVH token contract address to your MetaMask wallet. After this, the tokens will appear in your wallet.
  9. The number of MVH tokens in each round is limited. If you cannot buy tokens now, then the available lots have run out. In this case, wait for the next round at a different price!!! !!!

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👍 What is the “CINEMADROM” metaverse project?

🌈The “CINEMADROM” metaverse is decentralized Web3 platform for VR/AR production movie, viewing movies, investing in production movie and media content based on AI Movie, NFT Movie, DeFi Movie for the new World Cinema 3.0 and VR “Hollywood” based on “MOVIELAND” DAO, to usable on the Internet.

🛎 For these purposes, “CINEMADROM” metaverse creates “MOVIELAND” DAO where you can create any VR business based on the AI Movie algorithm. Which will allow all users, viewers and filmmakers to earn. Create or show movies, shop or have fun, live, walk in Metaverse and earn MOVIECASH token & LUMIERE stable decentralized coin.

🏆  Watch the video about CINEMADROM metaverse!

👍 MOVIECASH is the main live native utility token ERC-20 on the Ethereum network, which is used for:

✅ For make transactions in “Cinemadrom” metaverse, and the MVH token is also needed to launch various services in the “MovieLand” DAO and finance a film projects.
✅ For payments of commissions for processing transactions and Media & Movie data storage.
✅ For to create a stable decentralized coin LUMIERE on the Ethereum blockchain, supported by assets (NFT Movie, MVH, BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT). LUM is required for transactions and financial transactions in MovieLand DAO.
✅ For Investing in NFT Movie Tokens or NFT Land in “MOVIELAND” DAO and grow your Web3 business in New Hollywood.
✅ Used to vote on the governance of “MOVIELAND” DAO, AI Movie and DeFi Movie to determine how network, financial and movie resources are allocated.

👍 CINEMADROM” metaverse tools include:

✅ AI MOVIE, independently does all the work to create a VR business, films or media content and also receive profit from distribution content and VR business products. If necessary, a user make changes at each stage of the production and work of AI Movie. (in developing).
✅ NFT MOVIE, posted on the NFT Movie Marketplace is an investment in Cinema Projects. By owning NFT Movie tokens, the user gets access to the CINEMADROM and MOVIELAND DAO metaverse services, which allow them to earn income.
✅ The DEFI MOVIE protocol allows users, businessmen, or film project producers to receive crypto assets for film production or VR business development in the “MovieLand” DAO, secured by the assets contributed to the protocol (NFT Movie, MVH, BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT).

👍 How many MOVIECASH coins are in circulation?

✅ One-time token emission = 100,000,000 MVH. Additional release is not provided.
✅ Now only 10% tokens = 10,265,807 MVH are in circulation.
✅ The remaining 90% of the tokens are frozen and are in reserve at “CINEMADROM” metaverse. Unfreezing and distribution of the remaining MOVIECASH tokens according to the schedule is possible only by a decentralized decision of users.

👍 Tokeeconomics and distribution of the MOVIECASH token.

  • 15% – Private Sale
  • 21% – Public Sale
  • 10% – Marketing & Operations
  • 5% – Liquidity & Exchange
  • 14% – Ecosystem & Development
  • 12% – Reserve for Projects
  • 15% – Team
  • 5% – Staking
  • 3% – AirDrop

Add token MOVIECASH to your WALLET.

TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS – 0x45c943973e65d069906b0dc33dc31d1d7d9d09dc

👍 The CINEMADROM project is based in the UK. More information about the “CINEMADROM” metaverse project can be found on the official website and on social networks.

📌 NFT MOVIE Marketplace
📌 TELEGRAM chanel