Crowdfunding & Donations


Crowdfunding & Donations for Movies Projects and for the development of DAO “MovieLand”.

Crowdfunding & Donations is Cinemadrom’s tool for gj;thndjdfybq raising funds for movie projects nd to develop DAO “MovieLand”.
DAO “MovieLand” is an independent organization where there is no central control and the entire control system belongs to users. Therefore, the Cinemadrom project provided an opportunity for everyone to support the development of an independent new VR Hollywood.

If you like this idea or the movie projects featured on the site you can contribute any amount that you think is necessary to support movie projects.

To add money to movie projects using Crowdfunding or Donations, add this lot to your cart and send money or crypto coins in any convenient way that you will see when making a Donate. In return Cinemadrom will give you the opportunity to later receive an Airdrop of MVH or LUMIERE or NFT crypto assets to the ETH wallet you specified when placing an order. Your Crowdfunding order will be displayed in your personal account on the ORDERS tab.

Join now, support the production of films and series and develop DAO “MovieLand” of the company Cinemadrom.


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