Movie Metaverse

The "CINEMADROM" metaverse is the first company to create a complex ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology for the new World Cinema 3.0 and VR Hollywood based on AI Movie.

  • Create a business or show and create movies & media content, shop or have fun, live, walk in Metaverse and earn MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coin.
  • A Movie companies, filmmakers and users to quickly find funding for their traditional films or create movies with AI Movie saving time and money.
  • Viewers will get new emotional sensations from watching films created using AI Movie and new technologies AR / VR in cinema 3.0. A viewer can play with the plot of the film and change it to his taste, getting new stories each time.
  • Users can buy NFT Movie of film projects and receive triple benefits, return 200% of the money spent and AirDrop MVH.

To do this, since August 2018 the CINEMADROM is involved in the development of a New Metaverse and VR Hollywood for a Cinematography and Media industry that use AI Movie to produce movies and organizing any VR business for users to earn money multiple times..

Any user using the AI Movie “CINEMADROM” can make their own movie, any video content or their own business in “MovieLand” DAO and constantly receive profit.

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Private Sale rounds for the MVH token

Start of Private Sale of MovieCash & NFT Movie tokens – Life.

Rounds Private Sale MovieCash tokens for large investors. A total of 2 rounds are planned. Hurry up, locations in White List are limited to for first 300 users only.

Private Sale #1 (price $0.03) COMPLETED

Stage 1 Private Sale #1 at a price of 0.03 usdt per MVH (February - March 2024): bonus 70%

Private Sale #2 (price $0.05) COMPLETED

Stage 2 Private Sale #2 at a price of 0.05 usdt per MVH (March - May 2024): bonus 50%

Private Sale #2 (price $0.07) STARTED

Stage 3 Private Sale #3 at a price of 0.07 usdt per MVH (June 2024): bonus 30%

Total collected as a % of Hard Cap $500,000.

The goal for a Private Sale MVH is to raise USDT: Soft Cap 30,000 / Hard Cap 300,000. After reaching the Hard Cap goal or end date, Round 1,2,3 will close.

IDO rounds for the MVH token

Start of Pre Sale of MovieCash tokens. Already Soon.

The rounds Pre-Sales MVH token will be held on the platform of a decentralized sales IDO partner. Information will appear later.

IDO Pre Sale #1 (price $0.08)

1st Round IDO Pre-Sales at a price of 0.08 usdt per MVH (July).

IDO Pre Sale #2 (price $0.1)

2nd Round Pre-Sales at a price of 0.1 usdt per MVH (August).

IDO Pre Sale #3 (price $0.15)

3rd Round Pre-Sales at a price of 0.15 usdt per MVH (September).

Listing price on CEX / DEX exchanges is 0.3 usdt per MVH. (October).




utility token


The MOVIECASH (MVH) is designed to fund movie projects hosted in the Metaverse "CINEMADROM", and also to manage the DeFi Movie protocol, puy NFTs, and purchase a Land in "MovieLand" DAO. Later MOVIECASH can be exchanged for LUM.

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stable coin


LUMIERE (LUM) is the main decentralized stable coin backed by the assets of DeFi Movie, MVH, NFT Movie, BTC, ETH. LUM is required for transactions and financial transactions in the "MovieLand" DAO. LUM is created by users and will be created later.

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nft token

NFT - Movie

The Cinemadrom company issues NFT tokens that are tied to film projects on NFT Movie Marketplace CINEMADROM & "MovieLand" DAO. You can buy NFT Movie tokens in the Web3 interface on the Cinemadrom website for MATIC, ETH or MVH.

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Movie PRODUCTION with AI Movie

With AI Movie create your own movie masterpiece or any video about yourself or your business and make money from it. Your vision, brought to life.

Visualization in the teaser of the movie series “BREAKING“

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The Movie Projects are in pre-production stage and are available for the purchase of Property Rights through NFT Movie tokens. All these movie projects are made with AI Movie.

Action Drama
Tv Series

1370 BC The mighty Tsar of Metanii the Tashrat, is going to war in Egypt. The ruler of Egypt, Amenhotep III, enters the battle. The warriors of Amenhotep III kidnap the king’s beloved 12-year-old daughter, princess Taducepa. During the battle, the princess is killed. Tsar Tushrat, asks the sun god to return his daughter. The princess is resurrected, calls herself – Nefertiti, and tells the king that we must stop the war with Egypt, and give princess to the harem of the Egyptian Pharaoh. The Production BUDGET - $ 1,500,000. The movie project are made with AI Movie. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage through NFT Movie tokens (from 01.12.23 to 31.12.24) - $ 500,000.


The "BREAKING" follows the journey of a charismatic John Deft and his team of hackers as they attempt to break into a глобальную network and uncover a dark secret and a conspiracy that puts their lives and freedom of all people on the line. The search for the control involves the Free Society, the Mafia, and the “Secret Intelligence Service” (SIS), each with its own motives and methods. The stakes are high, with various criminal means, such as blackmail, bribery, hacking, and murder, being used. The Production BUDGET film "BREAKING" - $ 1,000,000. The movie project are made with AI Movie. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage through NFT Movie tokens (from 01.01.24 to 31.12.24) - $ 300,000.


Terrorists planning to establish a new world order are stealing technology created for a new weapon from the secret laboratory of South Korea. In criminal hands, technology can be used in espionage and blackmail of politicians. France, is preparing a summit of presidents of G7 states, where they approve a plan to eliminate the threat of terrorism. The terrorists, advantage plan to prevent the meeting. Three days before the G7 meeting, the terrorists discover loss of the secret device. The Production BUDGET – $ 700,000. The movie project are made with AI Movie. Financing of the project occurs in stages. Investment plan for pre-production stage through NFT Movie tokens (from 01.12.23 to 01.12.24) - $ 250,000

Постер 1EN

The Agency “Think for you” appeared in the city, whose employees provide an unusual service - they penetrate people's minds with the help of a neuroprogram, and thus solve other people's problems. While the client is unconscious lying on the couch, the employee appears in his thoughts and instead of the client participates there as an active actor и makes a difficult decision for the client. Once there was a leak - and the secret thoughts of customers become known to outsiders. Evan a former policeman, takes up the investigation and discovers that the life of each of the clients is already under the control of the Agency. Evan decides to destroy the Agency and return the people to their lives. The Production BUDGET – $ 450,000. The movie project are made with AI Movie. Financing of the project occurs in stages through NFT Movie tokens. Investment plan for pre-production stage (from 01.12.23 to 23.12.24) - $ 100, 000.

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VISUALIZATION storyboard the fantastic thriller “BREAKING”

Buy the NFT Movie tokens receive triple benefits, return 200% of the money in MATIC spent and 100% AirDrop MVH !

Select and click on your the NFT shot Movie fo fantastic thriller “BREAKING” and complete a deal in Web3 NFT Movie Marketplace. Investments in NFT Movie tokens are profitable. This NFT Movie token is collectible and is issued in one copy. Hurry up to take it, tomorrow it will be more expensive.

The in NFT Movie Marketplace CINEMADROM always has unique NFT tokens of various film projects and media content. Make transactions and triple benefits, return 200% of the money spent and additionally receive AirDrop 100% MVH!

CINEMADROM metaverse have developed a new NFT sales algorithm, in which we return 200% of the NFT Movie value to each NFT in coin MATIC owner. Payments are made in installments every week in MATIC cryptocurrency. And also, each owner NFT Movie receives 100% value NFT Movie in MovieCash tokens $MVH.

What is the usefulness AI Movie algorithm, which is created and implemented by the Cinemadrom for users?

Own Movie

With AI Movie create your own movie masterpiece or any video about yourself or your business and make money from it. Your vision, brought to life.

So Simple

It's so simple that it will soon be available to ordinary users, and for filmmakers, AI Movie will simplify film production and save money.

Release NFT

With AI Movie, release NFT Movie collection of your creative video and get profit. Your NFT Movie can be used in DeFiMovie protocol to create a LUMIERE coin.

Your Business

Create your business with AI Movie in "MovieLand" and earn income. To do this, buy land and the AI Movie algorithm will build you any VR business.

MovieCash & NFT Movie and NFT Lands is your a stable income

By purchasing an NFT Movie token during the pre-production of a movie, you already get a profit, since only 10-30% of the total budget of the movie was issued NFT tokens at the lowest price, so the price of the token is constantly growing. By the post-production stage, the price of the NFT Movie token grows many times over. You can sell the token at any time and fix the profit.

The Partners Film Companies and Distributors “CINEMADROM” Metaverse

These movie company partners have already bought land in DAO “MovieLand” and are starting to build their Movie Web3 business in the VR space in Metaverse “CINEMADROM”.


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