DefiMovie s an open source, non-storage protocol that allows the creation of money markets in the MetaVerse “CINEMADROM”. Users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets for their own purposes. 

Producers of a movie projects can receive assets for the production of films on the bail of a Movie Rights for their films, through the NFT tokens of their Movie Projects or the MovieCach Token (MVH), which is an analogue of the Film Property Rights and manages the DefiMovie protocol.

DefiMovie start in:

Financial freedom always

Decentralized currency with a stable price that you control. Create MetaMovie on your terms instantly. Use any assets. Get income based on APY percentage data.

Earn MetaMovie constantly

Сreate your a MetaMovie in the decentralized protocol and earn deposit income based on a% rate set by the DefiMovie community, ranging from 5% to 25% per year.

Decentralized governance system

The MVH token holder community manages the DefiMovie protocol, smart contracts on which the MetaMovie is created and interest rates.

FILMMAKERS (producers) in order to obtain a BORROW may contribute as DEPOSIT exclusive PROPERTY RIGHTS in the form of NFT tokens of their movie projects or MVH or LUMIERE to any film as security for their BORROW.

The community in "Meta Movie Universe CINEMADROM" decentralized sets the interest rate.

Bring in Deposits and Receive Borrow

Using the DefiMovie protocol in MetaVerse “CINEMADROM”, you can make a deposit, receive interest on deposits or get borrowed funds for your financial transactions or movie production.

How can I increase my capital?

When you make a deposit, you immediately receive your income and interest on the deposit. When you take out a borrow based on your deposit, you pay interest on the borrow. You receive interest and pay interest at the same time. Therefore, it is always beneficial.



Deposit any crypto assets available in the DefiMovie decentralized protocol and create your a deposit. You will immediately receive income from 7% to 25% per annum on your a deposit, depending on the asset contributed. If you have previously issued a stable coin MetaMovie you are already receiving income. You can withdraw your deposit and income at any time or withdraw only profit. You can use a profit for your needs.



Borrow any a crypto assets available in the DefiMovie decentralized protocol based on your a deposit. Or deposit the previously issued a Stable Coin MetaMovie as collateral for the borrow. When using a borrow, you will deposit from 8% to 27% per annum on your a borrow, depending on the asset received. At the same time, you will receive income from the deposit. You can close your borrow and withdraw funds at any time.


How can I participate in the management of DefiMovie?

MovieCach (MVH) is a control token in the DefiMovie protocol. MVH is also an analogue of the proprietary copyright for movie projects of the в “Meta Movie Universe CINEMADROM”.

Users who have the MVH token can make changes to DefiMovie and vote on protocol improvements.

The voting function is built into the user’s personal DefiMovie control panel. Only members who have at least 1000 MVH on their balance can vote and make proposals. The number of MVH is equal to the number of user votes.
For your vote to be valid, your MVH balance for voting must be the same or greater throughout the voting and verification period.

If you do not have a MVH, you can buy the MOVIECASH token on the Cinemadrom website or on the Exchange.