Ambassador Program

Each USER can become an AMBASSADOR and earn MovieCash (MVH) tokens!

🔑 Each Ambassador will receive the role of an Ambassador in server Discord, which will give you the opportunity to enter a private channel and chat with Ambassadors, where there will be mission tasks and discussions about our cooperation. Also, an individual private chat will be opened with each gender where you can send us your weekly progress report.📩

Join the Cinemadrom Discord server. For a Role!

Follow these steps to become a Ambassador :

For each new Ambassador, a trial period of 1 month is introduced.


Fill in the form.

Join the Discord server.

Subscribe to other social networks Cinemadrom.

Basic Rules for Ambassadors:

To become the Ambassador, you accounts registrations in each social network must be no later than 2022. The number of subscribers must be at least 500 in each social network and you must be active in the development of the Cinemadrom project.

📜 So what is the mission of the MONEYLAND project Ambassadors? :

Become a Ambassador

To become an Ambassador, please fill in and submit your information.

Please answer the question to access the form.

If the form does not open, click on the button again.

To become Become an Ambassador you need to subscribe to all Cinemadrom social networks and make 1 your Tweet with the following text.

“Just applied for the @cinemadrom “Ambassador Program”! Bepart of the CINEMADROM metaverse in which movies through the AI Movie process are created and users earn their 300X. Join us now!”

Cinemadrom social networks:

All Ambassadors receive a monthly reward based on the results of their cooperation in the amount of 1000 to 5000 MovieCash (MVH) tokens. The official price of MVH is $0.1.