Meta Movie Universe in "MovieLand" DAO

The “MovieLand” DAO is the new VR Hollywood that will make you money. All users can have fun and receive MovieCash & LUMIERE coin at the same time for their actions in “Cinemadrom” metaverse.

🌈 The “CINEMADROM” metaverse creates a real new VR Hollywood in as DAO “MovieLand” where users relax and get rewarded. Gradually all cinema will go to Web3.❗️❗️❗️
💎 In “MovieLand” DAO, users can create any business of their own in the new VR Hollywood and earn a steady income. To do this, buy land and the AI Movie algorithm will build you any VR business.

In the  “CINEMADROM” metaverse all users, viewers and filmmakers earn.

“MovieLand” DAO

How AI Movie in "CINEMADROM" metaverse works?

In the “CINEMADROM” metaverse earn and receive income by all users. Relax, do business, buy goods, use the services of companies or just walk around in DAO “MovieLand” and earn MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coin for all your activities. You can also buy land in new Hollywood build any business in Metaverse and get even more profit. Buy land and AI Movie algorithm will do everything for you automatically. You just have to make a profit every day.
AI Movie is 
What it looks like for Film Companies, Producers, Directors, Actors, Crypto Exchanges, Banks, TV, Media Services, Film Schools, Freelancers, Movie Professionals, Distributors, Media Companies etc.

In the “CINEMADROM” metaverse all participants in the film industry create representative offices on VR land, from Film Companies to Film Schools, etc. To create your office in “MovieLand” DAO need a VR land that you can buy or win. Also, “CINEMADROM” metaverse to partner with film companies and distribute via AirDrop VR Movie Land.


A Film production consists of three stages: Pre-Production (stage of preparation), Production (stage of filming), Post-Production (film editing). All these stages of movie production be done AI Movie saving time and money. The algorithm will do everything itself, you only need to control the process and can make changes at any time.


The 1st stage of financing of the Movie Project is carried out by issuing NFT movie tokens in the amount of up 10% to 30% of the total film's budget. 1 NFT token = 1 sec. film timing. 30% of the budget is sufficient for the pre-production of the film will create a reserve for the price growth for NFT tokens and bring profit to token holders.

DeFi Movie LOANS

The 2st stage is of financing of the Movie Project, for production films ranging from 50% to 70% of the film's budget through leveraging the DeFi Movie protocol. In the DeFi protocol, the film company provides property copyrights for a future film in the form of a NFT movie and MovieCash or Lumiere token as a collateral for a loan.

Each participant of the film production as a full user of  “CINEMADROM” metaverse also receives MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coins and income for their actions in Metaverse.

How it looks for Movie Viewers, “CINEMADROM” metaverse, etc.

Watch a MOVIE and EARN

To watch films in "CINEMADROM" Metaverse, the Viewers must buy NFT Movie a subscription to the Cinema for any period (month, half a year, year). The subscription entitles you to watch films in all cinemas and from all distributors and is not limited to only one Cinema Company. This is very beneficial. When watching each movie, movie viever earns MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coin.


In "CINEMADROM" Metaverse earn and receive income by all users. Make a Movie or Relax, do business, buy goods, use the services of companies or just walk around in DAO "MovieLand" and earn MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coin for all your activities. You can also buy land build any business in Metaverse and get even more profit. Buy land and AI Movie will do everything for you automatically.


Earned MOVIECASH & LUMIERE tokens viewers can invest in movie projects, in a business, in crypto, send for a stake, buy goods, pay for services or spend for any purpose in the "CINEMADROM" Metaverse and exchange for other crypto coins and fiat money. All financial transactions can be done through the offices of crypto exchanges in the VR space "CINEMADROM".

Gradually, with the development of technology, spectators will be able to watch films shot with panoramic cameras not in front of the screen, but will have the opportunity to be in a film itself and through the virtual space to fully participate in the history of a film. The intersection of AR with VR in “CINEMADROM” Metaverse will allow films to be made more spectacular with the maximum involvement of the viewer in the plot of the story. The viewer will get new sensations, both emotional and tactile. When watching such a movie, the viewer will feel that everything that happens in a film happens to him personally.

For these purposes and to create a global VR space “CINEMADROM” Metaverse creates DAO “MovieLand” with AI Movie for the Movie Industry!

Learn more about movie projects built with AI Movie.

To organize the virtual space in the new Hollywood, CINEMADROM” Metaverse creates DAO “MovieLand”

The “MovieLand” DAO is the basis for creating VR in “CINEMADROM” metaverse.
Register for the White List. Only the first users are guaranteed to receive Skyscraper Apartments in “MovieLand.City”. A total of 1,000 apartments will be handed over to the first users.
AirDrop Apartments

In “MovieLand” DAO, all users can buy land and build any buildings on it for their own purposes and start a business. Gradually, the users of “CINEMADROM” metaverse will have all the necessary infrastructure for work and leisure. All companies that are engaged in: Financing, Production, Marketing and Film Rental and any other business will open their offices and representative offices to conduct business.

All processes in “MovieLand” DAO are controlled by decentralized smart contracts and AI Movie.

Any user can buy land in “MovieLand”DAO and create their own VR business or live and have fun:

  • CINEMA BUSINESS - Film Company Offices, Production Centers, Film Studios, Film Markets, Actors Offices and Agencies, Screenplay Agencies, Independent Filmmakers Offices, Film Festivals, Film Schools, etc.
  • DISTRIBUTION - Rental Company Offices, Cinema Theater, Theatres.
  • MEDIA BUSINESS - TV companies, Concert Halls, Show Place.
  • IT BUSINESS - Developer Companies, Game Companies, IT Freelancers, Game Places, Casinos.
  • FINANCIAL BUSINESS - Crypto Exchanges, DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, Banks, Financial and Venture Funds, etc.
  • ADVERTISING BUSINESS - Marketing and Advertising Agencies.
  • TRADING BUSINESS - Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, Business Centers.
  • RESIDENTIAL FUND - Houses, Apartments, Cottages.
  • ANY BUSINESS - Any other Business for profit.

Land for income generation in the center “MovieLand” DAO, offered with a limited offer. With each round, the price of land increases by 30%. There will be 5 rounds in total.

The “MovieLand” DAO card is 1 round of sales “MovieLand” city Center

MAP - MovieLend (1 round)

DAO "MovieLand"

Scheme of the "MovieLand.City" center - 1 round of sales.

MAP SET - MovieLend (1 round)

DAO "MovieLand"

Land map of the "MovieLand.City" center in Cartesian coordinate system - 1 round of sales.

In DAO "MovieLand" a everyone gets INCOME

Invest in your land in VR space – DAO “MovieLand” – it’s profitable, safe and promising.

How you can make a profit:

Buy and Sell

Buy land in the center of "MovieLand" DAO, now in round 1 for low prices in the form of an NFT token. Sell ​​the land later at a higher price and get a profit from x10 to x30. You can buy 1 square (100 m2), or you can buy a whole block or many blocks.

Buy and Rent

Buy land in the center of "MovieLand" DAO, already in the 1st round at low prices in the form of an NFT token. Later lease out the land for VR/AR business in "MovieLand" DAO, and receive a permanent profit of 10% from the business built on this land.

Buy and do Business

Buy land in the center of "MovieLand" DAO, already in the 1st round at low prices in the form of an NFT token. Build any business, such as Cinema. Receive a constant profit of 10% from the constant rental of Films in the Cinema.

In the center DAO “MovieLand” land is sold for business and guarantees the owner a permanent income! By investing money once, the user receives a profit every day always. Moreover, you do not need to have knowledge in cinema or any other Business.

Choose NFT Land token in DAO "MovieLand", buy land and earn income! You do not need to have knowledge in cinema AI Movie does everything for you!

Your income directly depends on the area of ​​your land. The larger the area on which you have built a business, the more users will be able to use your content or services (1m2 = 1 user). For example, you bought a land of 3000 m2 for Distribution Movies and built your Cinema on it. This means that no more than 3,000 people will be able to watch one particular movie in your Cinema. Another movie will be able to watch the same number of users, and so on. In your cinema, you constantly earn 10% of the cost of one movie ticket. This income algorithm works in any other business built in “MovieLand” DAO.

You receive all income automatically, through “CINEMADROM” Metaverse smart contracts. You will not need to do anything else, just buy land and AI Movie build you cinema or other business, and then the algorithm will do everything by itself. Moreover, you do not need to have knowledge in Cinema or any other Business.